Our Cause

WE DID IT. Our New ER and Lab in Southampton is now completed. The fundraising doesn’t stop there. Each year the Foundation is asked to raise a goal of $500,000 to support the hospital in purchasing new equipment and facility upgrades that the Government does not fund.

Keeping our hospital updated with the latest and best equipment is Vital for keeping the ”Best Care Close to Home”.  A huge thank you to all our supporters.  Thanks to you, the runners, the donors, the pledges, the volunteers, and our sponsors, the Rotary Huron Shore Run was recognized for our contribution by having a Treatment Room named in our honour.

Normally, proceeds would be divided as described below.  This year all proceeds go to Saugeen Memorial Hospital Foundation

When you are out on the course, you will not only be doing something good for yourself by promoting a healthy lifestyle, you will be supporting several important organization in the community.


We challenge all participants to collect pledges for this very worthy cause. 

The top 10 fundraisers are awarded cash prizes.

1st  prize = $225 
2nd prize = $200
3rd prize = $150
4th prize = $125
5th prize = $100 


6th prize = $75
7th prize = $50
8th prize = $25
9th prize = $25
10th prize = $25