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10 Warning signs that your body is lacking water  Water is the most important liquid for the human body. With 2/3 of it made of water, a person can only survive about 72 hours without it. What makes water so important is that every cell, organ and tissue in the body depends heavily on it. – See more at:

How to Start Running – The Absolute Beginners’ Guide  Starting a new running habit can feel overwhelming to a beginner runner. If you’re feeling intimidated or nervous about getting started with running, don’t worry, that’s completely normal. Instead of starting your running habit blindly, it’s helpful to learn some basic information about running. Here are some of the basics about running to help you get started.  more

Its not only what you eat that matters, but also when Timing your carbohydrate intake is a familiar idea for most runners, from the night-before pasta dinner to the mid-race sports drink that gets you to the finish line. It’s not just what carbs you choose and how much you eat that matters – it’s when you eat them.  more

Top 5 Ways to Make Learning to Run More Fun.  Throughout life we are all taking first steps. First steps as a child, training wheels, first day of school, and first kisses. It’s just a part of life. Running is no different than anything else that we start in life. Every runner whether they are elite or just a veteran of the sport has had to learn to run. While the thought of learning to run might seem like an unsurmountable task and at times appear to be more time than it is worth, there are ways to make a more enjoyable experience. more

Being a runner in your 20s may be paying off.  New research published on Wednesday in the journal Neurology claims that those who were the most fit during their 20s also performed better on three cognitive tests 25 years later during middle age.  more

6 Reasons Why All Runners Should Weight Train  If you have not added at least one day of strength training to your weekly running routine you are doing yourself a huge disservice. Most runners think that time off the road is wasted time, but adding in quality strength training time will help your overall running experience. Not only will it help to increase body strength but here are 6 other reasons why it will help you have a long and happy running career. More

Runners and Weak Hips: 5 Hip-Strengthening Exercises  Since the sport of running has begun to enjoy a second boom in recent years, much attention has been paid to injury prevention. More specifically, the industry has focused largely on both foot strike and footwear as major causes of running ailments. It turns out, however, that there’s another culprit that runners often overlook: hip weakness. more

Run your way to romance? Having a running buddy keeps you motivated when you need it the most, like those snowy, blowy, winter day. Even better? Having your sweetheart as your running partner. In fact, in a Brooks Run Happy Report of the 1,000 adults who ran once per week or more, over 60 percent of runners believed they got lucky more often when they ran with their partner.  more

Are you getting enough sleep? With hectic schedules and 24-7 connectivity becoming the norm, more and more people are reporting they don’t get enough sleep, even as the dangers of undersleeping become increasingly apparent. In 2010, Statistics Canada found 46 per cent of Canadians reported they cut back on sleep to make time for other activities in their lives, but running may be helping you sleep.It’s been found that those who exercise regularly have less difficulty sleeping, although many still find getting a full night of rest difficult, which is dangerous.  more

Fat loss; where does if go? Ever wondered where exactly fat goes when weight is lost? It seems to just disappear, but how is that possible? more

Tips for choosing the right training program Unfortunately, I still can’t find a program that says I get to sit on my couch and eat chocolate until race day. No matter which schedule I choose, it looks like I’m going to have to put in a lot of miles. Dang. more

Study: Active Moms Influence Children to be Active Mothers who run may not only improve their own health, but the health of their children. A recent study finds that mothers who are physically active are likely to have children who are also active. More

Eating on race day  Races can be nerve racking, and each small worry you can put behind you means a better run and a better result. Eating right on race morning means one less worry for you to think about at the startline. more

Running can be good for your bones New research seems  to suggest that running can be pretty good for your bones.  The study, published online on Frontiersan online open-access, peer-reviewed journal, has found that exposing adolescents to forces greater than 4 Gs promotes higher bone density and growth. This is about the equivalent of running a 10-minute mile. more

Strength training can power your run  Running is a very complex movement that involves all the major muscle group of your body moving in a rhythmic and synced manner. Your legs may be responsible for your ultimate goal running but think about the rest of your body. What is happening to your upper body when you run? more

Marathon Maidens  Runners come in all shapes, sizes, abilities and ages. I decided to check in with some female runners about marathoning. I wanted to see if could learn something from these marathon maidens.  more

Working on speed is not what you think “I need to work on my speed.” This is something I hear all the time from new runners. It is a common misconception to think that because you run mostly marathons and half-marathons, or that your 5K time is not as fast as you’d like it to be, that the solution lies with “speed.” more

Training during pregnancy  After five months, I’m just over halfway through pregnancy So far, things have been pretty smooth, despite plenty of new experiences. In some ways, being an athlete has been advantageous because I’m pretty aware of my body and good at listening to it. However, in other ways, I’ve had to shut off the athlete side of my brain, and try being more flexible and laissez-faire with training. more

Avoiding injuries We’re focusing on overuse injuries caused by running, as opposed to acute injuries caused while running (sprained ankles, knees etc). It helps to know the causes of running injuries, and while wide ranging, pure running injuries are almost all caused by the same things. more

NASCAR drivers also fast on their feet  Being a stock car racer might not seem like a sport that requires very much physical exertion, but the best NASCAR drivers are consistently found to be in top physical condition, and if you don’t believe it look to the Daytona Beach half-marathon. More

Are you a newbie building up to your first 10k? Here are some tips for you. Welcome to the Oops Factor, where we help you avoid mistakes that can set you back in your progress. This month, we’re talking 10k races and how to prepare well for them. If you’re a newbie building up to your first 10k, there is a very different approach than for someone aiming for their umpteenth race and a new best time. I’ll make suggestions for both. more

Try These Five Things & You’ll Never Hate Running Again  The story goes like this: You are at a party or social gathering. While mingling from group to group and making small talk, the topic of hobbies and pastimes comes up. Someone mentions that they enjoy running and the floodgates open. “I hate running”,“I only run when chased”,“I only run to the fridge.” more

The Great Sugar Debate Rages On Sugar stands trial on an ongoing basis – in scientific research, the media, and the court of public opinion. In the latest issue, we stripped away the layers of controversy to examine the very basics of sugar, but I have to admit that I found all of the debate very interesting, especially since I have a gigantic sweet tooth. more

Adidas MiCoach Smart Run training watch The Adidas MiCoach Smart Run training watch is an example of where wearable technology is going, and it does it pretty well.  more

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