Our Cause


Our New ER and Lab in Southampton is now completed. The fundraising doesn’t stop there. Each year the Foundation is asked to raise a goal of $500,000 to support the hospital in purchasing new equipment and facility upgrades that the Government does not fund.

Keeping our hospital updated with the latest and best equipment is Vital for keeping the ”Best Care Close to Home”.  A huge thank you to all our supporters.  Thanks to you, the runners, the donors, the pledges, the volunteers, and our sponsors, the Rotary Huron Shore Run was recognized for our contribution by having a Treatment Room named in our honour.

Proceeds from Rotary Huron Shore Run are divided as follows:

70% Saugeen Memorial Hospital Foundation
Funds raised with your help enable the Hospital to provide life saving and essential equipment to keep quality healthcare close to home

10% Southampton Rotary
Funds raised are for local Rotary projects.

10% Port Elgin Rotary
Funds raised are for local Rotary projects.

10% Saugeen Track Club

Members of the club help us set up and conduct the run.

The Track Club, founded over 35 years ago in Saugeen Shores, is one of Canada’s preeminent track and field organizations; consistently ranked among the top track and field organizations in the country.  The Club has produced three Olympians, a Rhodes Scholar and two athletes that have won World Championship medals.  It’s athletes have won almost 100 National Championship medals and close to 1700 Provincial titles.  Many of the Club’s younger athletes and parents of athletes work the water stations during the Run which, for many of the younger athletes, is one of the highlights of the track and field season.

The fit between the Rotary Huron Shore Run and the Saugeen Track and Field Club is a good one.  Both organizations support an active and healthy lifestyle and look to increase participation in athletic endeavors.  In large part due to the increased support of the Rotary Club and, in particular, the Rotary Huron Shore Run, the Track Club has tripled its membership over the last several years.  The donation received from the Rotary Huron Shore Run typically accounts for almost a third of the Club’s operating budget.

When you are out on the course, you will not only be doing something good for yourself by promoting a healthy lifestyle, you will be supporting several important organization in the community.